A plea to tech people

For years I have been trying to convince colleagues to read books, but had very little success. Many are either too busy, refuse to invest time after work or read strictly the hottest technology news.
I explained to specific individuals why they would have benefited from reading specific books, and even bought them books, but in most cases I either got a “I will read it some day” shrug, or they did start but stopped after a few pages.

Here I want to list some benefits of reading, in an attempt to have better success.

The Thinking Man Douglas O’BrienLicense

In the previous part, I demonstrated how crucial luck is.

Let’s continue, again, with an old tale:

There was a very poor man, working very hard from sunrise to sunset every day. One day he decided he had suffered enough and wanted to die. But before that, he wanted to try to pray to God to help him. He sought a secluded place for his prayer, and went into the woods.

As he was walking, he met a wolf. The wolf asked him what he was doing there, and the man replied: “I am so poor, I am going to…

Flickr: Umberto Salvagninlicense

An old tale goes like this:

There was a very rich and successful person, who had both intelligence and luck.

One day, the intelligence said to the luck: “You know, I am the one who made him this successful. What is the value of having luck without intelligence?”

They started arguing, and eventually the luck said: “If so, then I leave you both, and let’s see how you manage!”

As the luck left, disasters started happening — his ship sunk, his factory burned, his bank was robbed, and all his businesses went bankrupt one after the other.

The rich man…

Or just an excuse to include some good songs.

Learning technical topics:

Startup roller coaster:

Shutting down my side project:

Deadline getting closer:

My imposter syndrome:

Resolving a major production incident:

When we look for a new job, some of us have the privilege to choose the company we want to work for.

We either rule out certain companies before even interviewing, during the process or after receiving an offer.

Sometimes we look only at the salary and the location and make a decision. Sometimes we go for the first offer because we don’t want to deal with the processes, organizational overhead or stress. …

Nowadays many development teams conduct code reviews, which are a means of feedback about the suggested code change.

Why review code?

The purpose is to ensure immediate and future quality. Benefits include:

  • Verifying the correctness of the functionality, error handling and edge cases
  • Readability — making sure that other humans are able to read the code
  • Enforcing common conventions (linters and other automatic tools can help with mundane syntax and styling conventions)
  • Finding mistakes (a.k.a bugs)
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Promoting good design
  • Mentoring opportunities to become craftsmen
  • Preventing premature optimizations
  • Keeping things simple
  • Spotting missing tests
  • Non functional requirements (performance, security, SLAs, GDPR)
  • Spotting…

Credit: Alan Cleaver

A colleague told me once: “the only good thing about being terribly sick for 5 days, is losing weight”.

Almost everyone around me is obsessed with losing weight.
Their current weight, height, age, education, marital status, intelligence, financial status, country, location — all do not seem to make any difference. Losing weight is always desirable, no matter how.

But it doesn’t end there — many want others round them, and ideally everyone around them, to lose weight as well. They compliment others when they succeed to lose weight, or when they resist having a snack.

I’ve always had an average…

♥️ Awesome Hummus
🍽10 servings
⏱15 minutes

To make it quickly, need buy chickpeas which are in water and salt, thus already soft, instead of leaving it ourselves for 24 hours and cooking. The difference in taste is very small in my opinion.

You can modify quantities per taste and desired amount.

Note: a hand-blander or food processor is required.


  • 700gr Chickpeas (already soft — in a can or a jar, in water and salt)
  • 300gr Tahina (important — not roasted)
  • 1 Garlic clover
  • ½ Lemon
  • Cumin powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper (optional)
  • 10 Pita bread (prefer fat ones)

Optional for…

6 Recommended Books for Advanced Developers

Aztec Architecture, Creative Commons Zero — CC0

My previous post, 6 Must Read Books for Junior Software Developers, was intended to help beginners to learn about what they may not know about, and lay the basic principles for good software practices.

Here I would like to share a list for more advanced developers, which would help with design and system architecture. These books are not technology or framework specific. The principles are the important thing.

After reading them, you will be able to have meaningful discussions about architectural designs and solutions:

What does it take to come up with a hack?

Car Engine Throttle Body, Wikimedia

The plan

25 years ago, on a Friday evening, I was driving my 1980 Subaru.
I was a soldier on the way to the base and had to be there on time, otherwise I would have faced very serious consequences. As usual, I left home ahead of time, in order to not be late should anything unexpected happen.

The problem

A few kilometers before the destination, at about 80km/h, I realized that nothing happened when I pressed the accelerator pedal. I let the car go further until it stopped on the side of the…

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